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Blame Game

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

“You can blame it on your teachers. You can blame it on the weather. You can blame it on how your mother and father didn’t stick together.”

Langhorne Slim

   The African proverb says, “It Takes A Village to Raise a Child.” Yet, we often lose sight of this and it perpetuates a growing problem in this country. I am not sure if it is human nature or not, but we tend to become blame throwers when things go wrong or fall apart. This is definitely happening with the education problem in the United States. Lately teachers have been taking the brunt of the blame for the dismal state of education. The big education news has been the release of school data and performance by teachers as a way to correct the issues in education. I don’t think more standardized test are a solution and blaming schools solely is not going to solve the education issues. As an educator I just want the time to help my students grow and be educated without all the red tape associated with it.

     The pressure on teachers and students to pass tests is enormous and truly takes away from the educational experience because we are too worried about the “test” or “data” to truly immerse ourselves in the learning process. We are also inundated in the blame game that we then to lose touch with what it takes to truly be an effective educator for the benefit and well being of all our students. 

     I continually battle within my own self whether to just wave the white flag and give up because the politics of teaching interferes with the actual teaching and educational experience of my students. I truly belief we are doing a disservice to our future generations and something radical needs to occur in order to truly fix an education problem which is spiraling out of control. 

This article in the New York Times is an excellent example of how we should end the blame game in education and really focuses on the students. Furthermore, this blog on Standardized test elaborates on how these test hinder the educational experience for students. It is time to end the blame game and start educating and helping our students become the best citizens they can be. We can no longer turn our back on the future. We owe it to the children to do our part and stop being a blame thrower

We should reflect and really look inward, We need to start focusing on the children of today and the adults of tomorrow before it’s too late. It is time for adults to stop arguing and join together as educators in order to help all students succeed. It truly takes a village.