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Design Thinking In Progress

Posted: April 23, 2017 in Uncategorized


Thanks for asking the question about how to end the year strong Heidi Carr. Here’s how we did design thinking this year. We plan do at least one or two more Design Thinking Projects before the end of the year in order to finish strong.

First of all this I have to credit John Spencer and A.J. Juliani authors of The book Launch. This is where I got the idea. The fifth graders have used other ideas from them and it’s been pretty amazing. They have designated May 2nd as Global Day of Design. I think it would be great if all schools participated.

This particular project took a few weeks to complete we started before Spring to break up the monotony of SBAC testing. We still need to do one last rotation this week.

We gave them the topic this one was Invent a New Sport. The students formed teams of 4-5, sometimes we let them pick their teams, other times we pick, and other times we leave it to chance by having Smartboard pick random names. First they had to brainstorm ideas we used Classkick because it allows us to see what they are writing in real time. Classkick is an interactive whiteboard we are 1:1 iPads. After brainstorming they created a Google Doc of the rules and steps for the game written in a easily understood document.

Next they gathered their materials PE equipment mostly , thankfully we have an amazing PE instructor who supports what we do (Yohann Godard). The groups went outside and practiced their new sport and they would “tweak” things to make it better adjusting their Google Doc along the way. The groups then created a video how to with a demonstration of their sport along with an audio commentary. The groups then create a visual anchor chart of their sport to further emphasize their sport beside it gives them time to add more details if need be.

Finally, each 5th Grade class during different days set up stations of their sport and teach the other fifth graders their sport. The classes rotated to the different sport and after about 10 minutes they rotate to the next station. (It Looked like a mini field day)

We used a rubric to help them stay on track and “grade” them. We incorporate a reflection piece in most of what we do in order for the learners to reflect on the why, how, and the what of the whole process. It has been working out great because it incorporates all content areas, involves kinesthetic learning, uses cooperative working techniques, and helps build a community of learners. Furthermore it help promote physical activity in a positive manner.
Design Thinking is a way to finish the year strong. Our next project is to create an underground civilization.

Global Day of Design May 2nd