Unlock Your Potential

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Unlock Your Potential


I had another blog post nearly written. I was going to share my journey of how I became an educator ; however, something hit me today ( I was inspired), as I was looking at my learners passion projects. I reflected on the idea of unlocking students potential by building relationships and allowing my students to choose their own academic path. Granted I guide or nudge them towards the path at times; yet, I do allow them freedom of choice in many instances.

Learners need to feel valued and to feel as if their voice matters. I’m not the expert in the room at all times, sometimes the experts are the learners. It takes a change in attitude to allow for potential to be unlocked. As educators we have to be willing to allow creativity to happen and to relinquish control of all aspects of the classroom.  I make mistakes and my learners see those mistakes, but they also see the human side of me. I model to not give up  and to learn from mistakes. That life and learning is not about the destination, but the journey and adventure. Learning is not a linear process, but an amazing adventure filled with endless possibilities.

I’m trying to look beyond data driving instruction, buzzwords,  and teaching to the “Big” test. The skills my learners will need in the future are well beyond any SBAC question. If I’m going to truly help my learners Unlock Their Potential I must take an active interest in them individually and collectively. I aim to build those relationships and to help them have high expectations and to feel empowered. I owe it to them to keep evolving and to treat them with the respect they deserve.

Our 5th grade are blogging check  it out at Edublogs  or follow them on Twitter @parsonlasvegas



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