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Where is Education headed?

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I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the “bells and whistles” the district throws at teachers. In the past year we have faced the Common Core Standards, Curriculum Engine, INFORM data collection, the growth model, and now the new accountability rating system, which seems like the Hotel.coms rating system.  Using the growth model for individual students based on yearly growth seems like an excellent idea and I like the idea of tracking yearly growth of individual students rather then treating all students the same; however, we also need to move away from our archaic ways of teaching and to adapt to the 21st century in order to achieve success for all students. I know I sound rather redundant, but what I am trying to do is grow as an educator and give my students the best education possibly. I have extremely high expectations for my students; therefore, I must maintain high expectations for myself in order to continue to grow as an educator.

I recently read an article/blog written by Cool Cat Teacher  The article was published in The Atlantic and was titled as “Reengaging A Lost Generation Students today are bored. To inspire them, we must think beyond textbooks and wastebasket work.”  She points out there are 8 ways to inspire and educate our students in the 21st century.  Educators need to think out of the box and focus on the students needs beyond what we think. We must truly try and look at life from their point of view in order to truly make a difference.

From this article/blog it lead me to  Zunal WebQuest Maker which is a free service “Zunal WebQuest Maker is a web-based software for creating WebQuests in a short time without writing any HTML codes.” I found this site simple, easy to use, and an engaging way to get students immersed in the educating process by building web quests. I am always on the look out for ways to get my students engaged in the learning process.

I just hope that we continue to move ahead in education in order to truly help all students learn. We can no longer afford to take the “cookie cutter” approach to education in this country we must find a way to make sure our students needs are being met and that we get through the “growing pains” of education reform in the USA. We must continue to build an education program that is headed in the right direction in order to continue to compete on a global level. I leave you with a couple of other great articles about 21st century education. It is necessary to integrate technology in education and this article will help with resources on where to start.  9 GREAT ARTICLES ABOUT THE 21ST CENTURY EDUCATION.

Lastly Mary Beth Hertz wrote Seven Technology Tips for Younger Elementary students. This article is a great resource for introducing new technology in the classroom I especially like this advice, “If you feel overwhelmed, that’s normal. There is a large learning curve when bringing anything new into your classroom.” (MARY BETH HERTZ) I sometimes feel pessimistic, but with all the positive blogs I have been reading lately I’m starting to feel more optimistic and less alone in the world.


Part of the Problem or Solution ?

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As I reflect on being an educator I must remember I am dedicated to student success and making sure my students needs are being met in an educational setting. I continually ask the question am I truly helping them in order to be successful not just this year, but in the future?  Am I truly guiding them to be independent thinkers while still instilling the importance of collaboration and teamwork? How I can I help them be prepared for jobs that don’t exist yet and help them use technology to the fullest extent without getting them confused or overwhelmed by it all. I sometimes forget they are only seven or eight years old and that they are very young in the grand scheme of their life. They will have many experiences after the moment I have with them. I have to help them learn by connecting with what they know not what I know at forty-six; therefore I must take a step back and have empathy, compassion, and caring I must try to see through the eyes of an seven/eight year old in the 21st century.

With that being said I have come across many helpful blogs and tech ideas, which may help bridge the gap and help my students be successful. Although I must be mindful of whom they are as individuals and a class I can still help guide them.  I am constantly in search of technology educational tools I can use with my students the blog Flipping Your Classroom With Free Web Tools – Guest Post is an excellent resource for ideas on how to integrate technology in your classroom in order to help students become connected leaner’s. Furthermore, this article on Oregon live regarding using an ipad to help student create a story is an excellent resource for the classroom.

Lastly the blog Audacious Educationist, which originally came from Topical Teaching, has a great blog about how IT can sometime breed lazy teaching and that technology does not necessarily make education better, it all depends on how the tools are being utilized. I appreciate the insight this blog provides and it reiterates the idea that I must continue to have empathy for my students in order continue to grow with them so they can be successful in the 21st century.

I want to be part of the solution and not the problem.

The Problem With IT in the Classroom.

An interesting article on the challenges we face as educators.

‘The Objective of Education Is Learning, Not Teaching’ – Knowledge@Wharton.

IT and Education

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I found this article rather interesting and a quick read.

IT and Education.

    This is a blog to share my experiences with becoming a “connected” educator. The world is evolving and I feel as an educator in the 21st century I need to climb on board the tech train.

    I don’t really know where to go from here. I have been really experimenting with the internet  lately and how to utilize the internet to keep my students engaged. I must admit entertaining second graders is a lot easier than keeping fifth graders interested; yet,  I want to make sure my students are receiving a valuable education. My goal is to connect with all my students in order to help them be successful. This is a continuous evolution in my career as educator.